Team Name           _______________________________       DIVISION   ______


Below is a listing of every week in the season.  If your team needs a bye week, please print this page, write “off” in the space next to the appropriate week and provide the request to the 4on4ofJax staff.  Also, if your team needs morning or afternoon games, please write what times you need to play in the space at the bottom of the page.


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June 15th               ________________


June 22nd               ________________


LEAGUE OFF -JAGUAR TOURNAMENT               ________________


July 6th               ________________


July 13th               ________________


July 20th               ________________


July 27th               ________________


PLAY OFFS August 3rd n 4th               ________________



Please list any specials times that you need below (i.e. – morning or afternoon games)




** NOTE.  70% of your schedule request is all we can promise**